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How Sand Volleyball Can Benefit Your Indoor Play

Quandomania Media Team

Jun 7, 2023

Benefits of Sand Volleyball for Indoor Play

When it comes to enhancing your indoor volleyball skills, you might be surprised to learn that sand volleyball can play a significant role. While the two variations of the sport may seem distinct, there are several ways in which sand volleyball can positively impact your performance on the indoor court.

Developing Agility and Footwork:

Playing on sand requires increased agility due to the unstable surface. The softer and shifting nature of the sand challenges your balance, forces quicker reactions, and helps develop better footwork. These skills translate directly to the indoor game, where agility and precise footwork are essential for success. Some of the greatest athletes across all sports incorporate sand training for overall speed and agility development.

A woman and a man both jumping on a beach volleyball court

Improving Ball Control:

Sand volleyball demands a higher level of ball control due to the varied and unpredictable placement and positioning players get put in. The need for precise passing, setting, and hitting on an unstable surface helps refine your touch and control, making you more adept at handling the ball during indoor matches.

A woman in a red uniform holding a volleyball

Enhancing Power and Jumping Ability:

The resistance provided by the sand builds strength and power in your lower body. The increased effort required to move in the sand and jump effectively transfers to greater explosiveness and vertical leap on the indoor court. Who doesn't want to have a great vertical on their spike?

Beach Volleyball Player Spiking During a Sunset

Less Wear and Tear:

The softer impact you have on sand when landing allows you to train without adding unecessary impacts and potential damage on your body like you would with hard-floor surfaces. The sand actually shifting around your feet when landing allows for a much softer padding, which also can help develop weak links where you may be underdeveloped such as imbalances or energy leaks.

Woman rehabbing leg injury

By incorporating sand volleyball into your training regimen, you can reap numerous benefits that will positively impact your indoor play. From improved agility and footwork to enhanced ball control and increased power, the skills acquired on the sand will elevate your performance on the indoor court.

We hope to see you out on the sand with us. Visit to view our current beach volleyball training programs available.

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