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The Player’s Edge : The Player's Edge beach volleyball program offers high-level training sessions led by innovative and
experienced coaches that provide athletes with substantial improvements, swift progress, and permanent
results. Quandomania established the region's first beach volleyball program in 2006. Our program helps
to develop the best local talent and the passion to continue playing. We offer all levels of training, from
pro to beginner -- we put in the time to ensure that you improve and continue to enjoy volleyball.  For
inquiries email Collin Sibilia at

The Player's Edge Volleyball Training

1. Beach Training - 5 weeks: June 13 - July 14) – 8 hours per week
“For players looking to improve their game, stay in shape, all while having fun in the sun”

•Time/Location: Monday – Thursday 6-8pm @ Washington Lake Park sand volleyball courts
Cost:  $550



2. Club Beach Volleyball - 8 weeks: June 13 - Aug 3) – Up to 8 hours (4hrs w/ club coach) per week
“For young players with strong interest in beach volleyball competition. We are looking for athletes between the ages of 11-17.  Join up and play with a friend!  This option includes 2 single-day beach tournaments, one overnight tournament (date TBD) and coaching a tournament”


*This program includes optional 5-week Beach Training (Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-8)


•Time/Location: Monday, Wednesday (w/club coach) 6-8pm @ Washington Lake Park sand
volleyball courts

• Cost:  $1,000



3. Elite Beach Training - 8 weeks: June 13 - Aug 4) – Up to 20 hours per week
“Our highest level of training.  Elite Practices are 3 hours long, also includes all the evening sessions (6-8pm).  Players at these sessions have a goal of playing at the college or the pro level”

-Tuesday/Thursday 10-1pm @Washington Lake Park
-Monday/Wednesday 2-5pm @Mt. Laurel (Hartford School)
*OPTIONAL: Monday – Thursday 6-8pm @ Washington Lake Park

•Cost: $800



4. Beginner Volleyball - 5 weeks: June 14 - Jul 14) – 3 hours per week

“No experience necessary. Recommended ages 7-11. Players at this level are taught the fundamentals of beach volleyball. Start them early!”

Time/Locations: Tuesday/Thursday 5-6:30pm @Washington Lake Park
Cost:  $300

Coaching Staff


Quan Nguyen

Collin Sibilia_edited_edited.jpg

Collin Sibilia

ashley mcginn_edited.jpg

Ashley McGinn


Kimo Aweau

Please fill out the registration form below. Please remember to INCLUDE which program you are signing up for! Submit the registration upon completion.

Please contact Colin immediately upon registration if you have any questions regarding payment.
Contact: Collin -

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